Who We Are

Erin Cluff – Chief Executive Officer.  Born and raised in Spokane, Washington, Erin is a true west coast girl.  She loves the mountains, wide open vistas and being outdoors.  She is thoughtful, deliberate, quiet…some would say introverted.  But don’t let that fool you – she is also decisive, tenacious and not afraid to speak truth to power.  As a confident female leader and coach in a male-dominated world, Erin has not been afraid to challenge the status quo.  She’s passionate about ensuring the best trained, best qualified leaders advance and invests time in ensuring their success.  From mentoring Afghan National leaders to combat operations in Iraq to ensuring continuity of operations for a major joint base through all hazards from hurricanes to COVID, she has enabled complex global military operations through world-class leadership.  She loves the challenge of finding win-win solutions to complex problems and is happy to allow others to get the credit.

James "Cliffy" Cluff – Chief Operating Officer.  Born in Bangor, Maine and raised in Central Florida, Jim has spent the bulk of his life thriving in the fast-paced world of the I-95 corridor.  He is out-going, unassuming and always smiling.  Praised for his inclusive, collaborative style, he has led global intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) and aviation operations for over 25 years; however his passion is mentoring and developing those around him.  A retired USAF Brigadier General, he has over 1000 hours in the F-16 and has flown every remotely piloted aircraft (RPA) in the USAF inventory.  His unmatched expertise in the RPA, ISR and fighter worlds enable him to bring a unique set of experiences and perspectives to any problem.  Board trained safety investigator, he fully understands risk management and assessment.

A key leader in the rapid expansion of the USAF’s RPA enterprise, he has years of experience tackling paradigm-breaking challenges.  He's excited to partner with you.  

Synergistic.  Erin and Jim are individually great professionals. However, they are even greater as a team.  They have partnered professionally and personally for the past twenty years…raising four children…building successful teams around the world…commanding combat operations…innovating at scale...all the while viewing the world from completely different perspectives.  Your businesses and teams will benefit significantly from these varied perspectives.    

50+ years of leadership experience has taught them that no mission is successful when it relies on individuals.  They have learned to maximize individual contributions to drive team success.  SOAR BEYOND cultivates relationships with an extensive team of diverse professionals available to be leveraged on your behalf, allowing them to tailor responsive support to your unique requirements. 

They’ve balanced two highly successful professional careers…and are excited to help your teams SOAR BEYOND your expectations.

They reside in Big Sky, Montana, with their youngest son and their Golden Retriever.